"It's all about the food, and here the possibilities are endless."

A trained chef, Amy Brandt is a professional in all aspects of the business. She is considered a pioneer in local and seasonal resourcing, and supports the efforts of farmers and watermen on the Eastern Shore who bring superior products right to her door. She creates menus of simple fare with quality ingredients, using a light hand to allow them to shine to their best potential. .

“I love the process of finding what is available locally and bringing it to the dinner table.


"I think it’s my duty to raise awareness of superior products being harvested right here on the Eastern Shore. I’ve made life-long connections with vendors, customers, peers and co-workers, people I respect for the quality service and products they provide. I provide well rounded service because I've focused my training on being able to do all things in the kitchen…the butcher, baker, saucier, line cook, dishwasher. You name it, I’ve done it and I know it’s importance in making me well-rounded professionally.”